Anawiki Puzzle Game

Anawiki Puzzle Game

A collection of 4 free puzzle games


  • Nice graphics and animations
  • Hints and help


  • Only 4 puzzles with fixed sizes
  • A little too easy


Why not enjoy a few puzzles on your free time? Anawiki Puzzle Game is a collection of four puzzles of varying difficulty play on your computer.

The game offers nice graphics and smooth animations and pieces snap together once you get them right. The puzzles look nice and the four different sizes are of varying difficulty.

Anawiki Puzzle Game also has a few extra features available to help you out in your game. You can quickly clean up the board, receive some hints and even sort up the pieces if you're really having a hard time.

Anawiki Puzzle Game is fun to play yet it almost feels to easy. We didn't have that much difficulty finishing even the hardest 80 piece puzzle.

Having only four boards also really limits the life of the game. In all, we'd suggest it as a little timewaster or even better, as a game for your kids.

It's simple enough to get them to learn how to form back a picture and they'll be able to use hints if they're having any trouble.

Despite some nice graphics, Anawiki Puzzle Game is maybe a little too simple with only four puzzles to choose from.

Simple, free of charge puzzle game from ANAWIKI GAMES! Choose one from four puzzle sets and try to sort them up, as fast as you can. Each of sets, is diferent from other in shape of puzzle or number of elements.

Anawiki Puzzle Game


Anawiki Puzzle Game

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